Koncepcja zbadania łatwości zapamiętania nazwy serwisu

Q: We think our client’s proposed name for their application is hard to remember. How do we prove it? Looking for a simple testing protocol or article on same… any suggestions most welcome, thanks!

For detail: their proposed name is both a new verb form based on an adjective (eg “surprisify”) /and/ a spelling variant of what you’d expect the spelling to be (eg “surprizify”) (those aren’t the real words, but it gives you an idea.

A: Try using a five-second test, and put up a mockup/slide of a home page with several bullet points. Take it down after 10-15 seconds. You could even have audio pronouncing the hard to register (and perhaps not phonetically spelled) name.

After the test, ask people what they remember from the site. Then ask them to go to the web site’s address, and watch what they type. As always, reassure them there’s no right answer, and that they aren’t being tested (especially because you’re hoping they will fail).

Źródło: Protocol for testing domain/brand recall, Archiwum IxDA

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