Grafika – What metrics are collected in usability tests

Proportion of respondents who collected the metric in a formative test and 95% confidence intervals

In total 97 people reported the metrics they collected in their most recent formative test.   Not surprisingly, most users collected User Interface problems – which tell you what to fix to make an interface more usable. But roughly the same proportion recorded completion rates.  Completion rates are easy to collect, interpret, and work well for comparing simple prototypes to completed systems.

Also interesting, over half of respondents reported collecting task time in a formative test. Task time is typically not thought of as a metric collected in formative tests–where interfaces are often prototypes and users think aloud. Yet, task time in formative tests can still be an excellent diagnostic measure (especially when compared between design-iterations).

The category “Post Test Q’s” refers to Usability Questionnaires administered after a usability test, such as the popular System Usability Scale (SUS). Post-Task Q’s refer to questionnaires asked immediately after the task.

Źródło: What metrics are collected in usability tests?, Jeff Sauro, Measuring Usability blog

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