Wyrwane z kontekstu – Why I can’t convince executives to invest in UX

I’ve been pitching our services for 23 years and I’ve never once successfully convinced an executive of anything (…)

Have you ever met a smoker? Of course you have. Have you ever met a smoker who didn’t know the harmful effects of smoking? I bet not. Every smoker I know is well aware of what smoking does to their bodies, yet they continue to smoke. There are physical, cultural, and behavioral forces that make it hard to quit.

You can’t convince a smoker to quit smoking. They need to just decide they’ll do it. On their own. When they are ready. It’s the same with executives. Neither I, you, nor anybody else can convince an executive to invest in user experience. (…)

Źródło Why I can’t convince executives to invest in UX (and neither can you), Jared Spool, UIE Brain Sparks

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