Wyrwane z kontekstu – Why Everything You Think about User-Centred Design is Wrong

Thomas Petersen, autor bloga Black&White™, niemal rok temu temu  napisał fascynujący artykuł, reprezentujący krytyczne podejście do niektórych aspektów wykorzystania filozofii User-Centred Design, zwłaszcza testowania i przykładaniana dmiernego znaczenia, do testowania i badania wireframe-ów i prototypów, zamiast istniejących produktów.

Putting users into the process after research and before the final product is finished provides primarily pseudo value. It confuses users with customers, and is responsible for valuable time being wasted in a pseudo environment tackling pseudo problems that have no bearing on those you may find yourself with after the launch.

However, at that point it’s too late, since applied UCD normally leaves the building right before the implementation starts, and where the product really starts to take shape.

This is where UCD really fails.

What is required to create good products is not the ability to test your idea or the usability with users. What is necessary is testing the finished product with customers and improving it from there. This requires a different approach to thinking, and a different set of skills.

Testing users is about testing the current state of usability and intuition. This belongs to the type of research that people like J.Nilesen, J.Spool and others perform so well. It contains a lot of valuable knowledge and should be the foundation for anyone wanting to do UCD.

But testing customers means getting the product in their hands, and learning how it behaves; to pinpoint problem areas and then figure out ways to improve it. It allows you to test the actual problems instead of a number of pseudo problems that may never arise.

Bardzo ciekawa i zaskakująco merytoryczna :) dyskusja na ten temat odbyła się też  w wątku “Sensowna krytyka UCD – polecam” na GoldenLine. Polecam.

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