Wyrwane z kontekstu – We manage what we can EASILY measure

Measurement is essential. But what is even more important is what you measure. Theres no point in measuring the wrong thing. Unfortunately, that is often what happens when it comes to web management. The philosophy often seems to be: lets find whats easy to measure and then lets manage that.

Take for example the Cult of Volume that pervades so much management thinking when it comes to the Web. Its long been known that HITS stands for How Idiots Track Success. But people still love to quote HITS because HITS is an easily calculable, big number and we all know how everyone just loves BIG numbers.

HITS is a totally and utterly useless metric. For the vast majority of websites, volume-based metrics are useless, counter-productive and encourage the worst possible practice when it comes to web management.

Źródło: We manage what we can EASILY measure, Gerry McGovern,

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