Wyrwane z kontekstu – The Tyranny of Evaluation

Ważny tekst z okolic 2008. Polecam. Dziwne, że nie znalazłem tego wcześniej :)

The truth of the matter is that pretty much all of our methodologies for quantitatively evaluating user interfaces suck. Nobody wants to admit it. The evaluationistas would have you believe that their user interface experiments are every bit as definitive as Galileo dropping balls from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. User interface research has a bad case of physics envy.

First of all, for an experiment to yield a definitive result, all the variables need to be controlled. In Galileos experiments, he was able to control the experiment such that the only variable that differed was the weight of the balls. Trouble is, people arent balls. There are so many variables when presenting a user interface to someone that it is very difficult to make sure youve controlled all the relevant ones. There is no “ISO standard human”.

Więcej (źródło):  The Tyranny of EvaluationHenry Lieberman, MIT Media Lab

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