Wyrwane z kontekstu – The Future of Large UX Design Firms

“In modern product development, speed to market is constantly increasing” answers Yury. “Competition is fierce. It seems that every market niche is packed with competitors, and product teams must push the tempo of their work to keep up. This necessity makes old assembly-line ways of working obsolete. The problem is that, traditionally, this has been the way most design agencies typically work with their clients.

Even worse, an agency’s and a product company’s teams work differently and, often, at different locations,” continues Yuri. “Sure, there are lots of meetings, workshops, and discussions happening. But the agency lacks the internal dynamics of a product company, including endless mini-brainstorms, project discussions, and accidental chat during lunch or beer busts. This makes the product company’s idea exchange supersonic fast and builds strong trust and team spirit. A lot of meetings are spontaneous, so it’s impossible to have the agency team participate in every one. The result is that they gradually lose context.

Źródło: The Future of Large UX Design Firms, UXmatters.

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