Wyrwane z kontekstu – “The Design of Personal Security Questions”

Usability problems with Personal Security Questions:

  • Questions are not specific enough.
  • Answers to questions change over time.
  • Users don’t have an answer to the question.
  • Users provide answers that aren’t easily repeatable.

Security problems with Personal Security Questions:

  • Answers to questions are easily guessed.
  • Answers to questions are easily found online or in other public sources of data.

What to improve?

  • Decide whether personal security questions are truly useful for your site.
  • Always tell users the date they provided answers to their security questions.
  • Consider implementing a CAPTCHA to prevent hackers from writing scripts to automatically guess answers.
  • Consider letting users fill in the blanks to make stronger questions.
  • If letting users write their own questions, give adequate guidance.
  • Consider using an alternative challenge and response approach.

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