Wyrwane z kontekstu – How to Hire a Designer

But mostly if you are hiring a designer to to a website in this day and age, you are hiring them to help you make an effective website, not a website that wins a place in MOMA’s new digital collection. If you have to pick between gorgeous and effective to let a pretty interface turn your head. (…)

Make sure your designers use their power of understanding the user to make happy profitable customers. So when you interview that designer, yes, research is good, personas are super, contextual inquiry is great; but the tools are less important than discovering if they can they take A (business needs)  plus B (user desire) and C (engineering can do this) to equal a shipable product? You need to discover if the designer is capable of executing that simple bit of algebra… better yet, gives an example where they did it in a past job… before you let them in the door.

Źródło: How to Hire a Designer, Elegant Hack, Christina Wodtke

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