Wyrwane z kontekstu – Giving design the wrong reputation

Don Norman, ex-Apple, człowiek który stworzył pojęcie i podwaliny user experience:

I am extremely annoyed by the cult of design that now pervades the world, namely that design is making things look pretty. I thought we had gotten over that. Well, Jobs and Ive has brought it back.

Our gesture-based tools — both Apple and Google’s Android — are more attractive than before, less usable. Nice, attractive fonts, too tiny and too low contrast to be legible. No more discoverability (we lost menus and important signifiers), nor more feedback, no more recoverability (every so often you can shake your device and it will undo, but not only is this bizarre, there is no way of knowing where this is true. More attractive, less usable. Yet corporations all over are gloating over the power of design.

Grr. I could go on at length — and one of these days I will. And in a more public forum than this one.

Do I want attractive things? Of course. But I also want understandable things, functional things.

Apple and its followers (Yes, Google, I’m talking about you) have given design the wrong reputation.

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