Wyrwane z kontekstu – “3 Things Steve Krug Didn’t Tell You About Usability Testing”

Case in point: we redesigned a page where people were stumbling on the UI. In the next batch of tests I asked users to tell me whether they liked the interface on the old page or the new one. The results were astounding: my new page was preferred 95% of the time! Wow, I’d massively improved the main vocabulary page! But wait, why was the number so high? Just for the heck of it, I started switching the pages that were “new” and “old.” Whereas before I’d give the testers variant A and then said “here’s a redesigned version,” and show them B, now I lied and did the opposite. You know what? Suddenly people loved the old page overwhelmingly.

Zrodlo: 3 Things Steve Krug Didn’t Tell You About Usability Testing « A Separate Piece.

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