IA Summit – The fall and rise of user experience

Gorąco zachęcam do zapoznania się z transkrypcją z przemówienia The fall and rise of user experience wygłoszonego przez Cennydd Bowlesa na zakończenie dorocznego amerykańskiego spotkania architektów informacji –  IA Summit 2011. Fragment:

We shouldn’t feel threatened or sentimental about labels. The disciplines within UX design are here to stay, and have gained sufficient maturity to become a competency within all forms of design, not just the domain of one group of practitioners. Our skills will always matter, and we will always design good experiences. So I don’t care what you call yourself. The work is what matters. The label is just metadata  (…)

Rather than explain our expertise through process and terminology, we should point at our output. If we are indeed worthy of the praise we’ve been receiving, our outputs had better be demonstrably better than others’. Otherwise, perhaps our detractors are right.

Pełna transkrypcja dostępna jest na stronie prelegenta –  The fall and rise of user experience : Cennydd Bowles on user experience.

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