Wyrwane z kontekstu – Why Students Won’t Give Up Paper Textbooks

Bardzo interesujące badania, pokazujące że e-podręczniki to nadal pieśń przyszłosci, a papier jest bardziej pożądaną opcją.

This study demonstrates that two factors underpin students’ intention to resist giving up paper textbooks: Facilitates Study Processes and Permanence. The paper textbook is perceived as a critical tool in facilitating students’ learning and study processes. The fluid and dynamic nature of digital content compared to the more consistent and predictable nature of information on paper appears to be a barrier to the acquisition of knowledge for the purpose of assessment. Students perceive paper textbooks as the best format for extended reading and studying and for locating information. Students believe that they learn more when studying from paper textbooks. Moreover, paper textbooks allow students to manage content in whatever way they wish to study the material.

Students’ reaction to the relative impermanence of electronic content is to continue to resist giving up the paper textbooks. Paper textbooks permit students to have unlimited access to information at any time during a course as well as after the course ends. Moreover, these students have come of age during a time where large organizations increasingly control the students’ access to online content. In the case of paper textbooks, content is controlled by the student and not by publishers or IT developers who continuously make changes to computer hardware or software in order to restrict access to the content.

Źródło: The Surprising Foil to Online Education: Why Students Won’t Give Up Paper Textbooks, Joanne McNeish, Mary Foster, Anthony Francescucci, Bettina West,  Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education (JAME), Volume 20, Issue 3, Fall 2012

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