Wyrwane z kontekstu – “Time estimates for Interaction design”

I never come at a “sell” to management based on hours – that is always going to be seen by the powers that be as a COST.

Try to put forward the idea that Interface design's ultimate benefit is SAVINGS.

Savings on customer support because less time and resources need to be allocated to help Users actual use the application.

Savings on development with less time spent on defining just how a widget should work.

Savings on code maintenance because there is a properly defined method of achieving each repeatable function or 'widget' in the application, so these resources become re-usable and so only need to be maintained in one place.

There are many more ways of looking at well designed interfaces that allow developers to better see what needs to be built in the first place.

Framing the argument in terms of savings is a much better way of looking at  any part of our profession.

Creating clear and concise wireframes allow you to also save time by defining all interactions without writing a single line of code – another huge saving!

Źródło: Stephen Holmes, Time estimates for Interaction design at IxDA.

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