Wyrwane z kontekstu – The Inconvenient Truth About Product

Uroczy, ale paskudnie prawdziwy tekst o tworzeniu i dostarczaniu produktów.

The first such truth is that at least half of our ideas are just not going to work. There are many reasons for an idea to not work out.  The most common is that the customers just aren’t as excited about this idea as we are. So they choose not to use it. But sometimes they want to use it, but it’s so complicated that it’s simply more trouble than it’s worth, which yields the same result – the users don’t choose to use it.  And sometimes the issue is that the customers would love it but it turns out to be much more involved to build than we thought, and we simply can’t afford the time and money to deliver.

If that’s not bad enough, the second inconvenient truth is that even with the ideas that do prove to be valuable, usable and feasible, it typically takes several iterations to get the implementation of this idea to the point where it actually delivers the expected business value.

In my experience, there simply is no escaping these inconvenient truths.

Źródło: The Inconvenient Truth About Product, Marty Cagan, Silicon Valley Product Group

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