Wyrwane z kontekstu – The De-Evolution of UX Design

It’s been seven years since I took that first step into IA, and, sadly, it seems that the practice of understanding and prioritizing information before designing the interface has been abandoned. And because of that, we are facing a huge problem in the world of UX, which is, simply put, that we are devolving.

The definition of de-evolution is “to degenerate through a gradual change or evolution.” It seems to me that by removing the information architecture step—where one takes the time to understand and prioritize information—from our day-to-day process, we’re on our way down the path of de-evolution. I’m not saying that there needs to be a structured phase that everyone needs to follow, but I am saying that IA (which includes first understanding and mapping out how information should be structured) needs to be done and signed off on by stakeholders before a project can move into interface design (including wireframes).

Źródło: The De-Evolution of UX Design, Lis Hubert, UX Magazine.

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