Wyrwane z kontekstu – The benefits of digital by default

Digital by default services are more efficient and more convenient for users. Our initial testing comparing GOV.UK to the previous Directgov and Businesslink.gov.uk sites shows a more positive rating on both ease of use (93% compared with 75% before) and speed (80 seconds as opposed to 120 seconds to undertake comparable transactions).

Government will save money if demand for higher cost channels decreases. A 2012 SOCITM study across 120 local councils estimated that the cost of contact for face to face transactions averages £8.62, for phone £2.83, but for web only 15 pence. The Digital Efficiency Report found that the average cost of a central government digital transaction can be almost 20 times lower than the cost of telephone and 50 times lower than face to face.

Źródło: Government Digital Strategy, praca zbiorowa, UK Cabinet Office

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