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Johnny Holland, popularny magazyn poświęcony interakcji, od kilku dni publikuje w ramach Content Strategy Week, artykuły poświęcone zarządzaniu treścią (content strategy). Nie wszystkie są odkrywcze czy chociaż ciekawe ale część treści w nich zawarta zasługuje na uwagę:

Don’t turn into a boring ogre who jealously guards a monolithic style guide that no one wants to use.

The bigger the style guide, the more daunting and confusing it becomes. Don’t get caught up including every possible style consideration you can think of. Instead, keep it smart, keep it simple, and include things like:

  • The site’s key messages—what story are you trying to tell to your visitors?
  • Some sample personas of your customers or target audience.
  • The site’s personality and subsequent tone. Is it funny, cheeky, conservative or social?
  • The correct way to spell and punctuate your organization’s name (give examples).
  • The spelling and correct titles of your management team.
  • How you punctuate headings and titles (choose either sentence case or title case and stick with it).
  • Your stand on capitals—when it’s OK to use them for (names, divisions, headings, project names, and products).
  • Other punctuation tips such as the use of apostrophes, bullets, and acronyms.
  • How to write descriptive links with anchor text.
  • How to link to documents or downloads, and abbreviations for common downloads.
  • Clear links to other resources like the CMS user guide, metadata standards, and governance model.

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