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Clear and simple terminology was rated as a very important design element for banking sites. Failure to achieve this can dissuade potential banking customers. A usability study of an online banking site by SURL found users to be confused by the term “Payee” (i.e., users wondered “Is that me or the company I am paying?”). As a result, it is recommended to use more meaningful terminology when setting up an individual or company. For example, “Account number for whom you are paying:” may be more meaningful than “Payee account”.

Results from this study showed that “feedback on acceptance or rejection of information”, “indicating a function has been completed”, and “identifying/fixing mistakes” were rated as very important design features for a banking site. Including these features may avoid confusion related to online forms in the transaction process. Other design recommendations for forms include clearly indicating required fields, placing legible error messages in a highly visible area, and providing feedback on how to proceed when completing a transaction.

Frequency Percent
The bank offered online banking 10 26
Their website contained the information I was looking for 7 18
I liked the functionality the banking site offered 6 15
Their website was easy to use 4 10
I liked the way the site looked 1 3
None of the above 27 69

Table: Factors influencing participants choosing a bank

Źródło: Usability News 62 – Bayles.

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