Wyrwane z kontekstu – Managing Icon Abundance on eBay

Users are also often confused or incorrect about the clickability of icons, though beveled icons tested better. We also found the saturation point for acceptable number of status icons appended to a member’s user name. In the context of examining the eBay status icons appended to a member’s user name, results showed a pronounced decrease in user tolerance of more than 3 icons. Lastly, users have a poor memory for icons that they have recently seen.

Using these findings, we created guidelines to ensure that icons are consistent in visual design, interaction and placement across the eBay site. We recommended creating an icon family that differentiates between different icon affordances. We also proposed strict criteria for icon creation to ensure comprehension, to avoid saturation, and to improve the users icon memory.

Źródło: Managing icon abundance on eBay, Maureen Fan, Kathleen Ko, Proceeding of CHI EA ’04 CHI ’04 extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems, ACM 2004

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