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My, Internetowi fanatycy… ;)

By the summer of 2007, Mail Online’s traffic had risen a hundred and sixty-two per cent, to make it the U.K.’s second-largest newspaper Web site. The Drudge Report started linking to some of its stories. In 2010, it became the U.K.’s biggest newspaper Web site.

Clarke and his staff built the site by instinct. “I didn’t look at that many Web sites for design ideas”, he told me. Formally, they stuck with what they knew, developing a publishing system that allows them to put together the home page with the glue-pot flexibility of a newspaper, rather than having to slot stories into a template. The home page is hectic, with hundreds of stories competing for the reader’s attention. It is unusually long—literally, like a scroll—as are its headlines. (Both tactics help to bolster its search-engine rankings.) It uses far more pictures, and in larger sizes, than its competitors. “The site breaks all so-called usability rules” Clarke said. “It’s user-friendly for normal people, not for Internet fanatics.”

Źródło: Mail Supremacy, The newspaper that rules Britain, Lauren Collins, The New Yorker 04/04/2012

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