Wyrwane z kontekstu – How to simulate context of use in-lab

If you have a product or service where context of use directly impacts on the user experience, consider these top tips when simulating context of use in the lab:

  • Let users experience the whole experience – Don’t force users down one single path. Instead allow users to explore the entirety of a system or site, even if parts are less developed
  • Consider physical factors – think about the physical set up e.g. the height, distance, angle and physical restrictions of the device/interface that will be used
  • Consider sensory factors which may distract the user from the task at hand and think about which of these can be brought into the lab
  • Consider factors which may normally enhance an experience – for example offer drinks and snacks when testing something designed to be used by a group of friends on a Friday night.

Źródło How to simulate context of use in-lab, Nicole Harlow, Foolproof

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