Wyrwane z kontekstu – How Google tested Google Instant

The team was struck by how few of the outsiders noticed that the search results were changing rapidly below the search bar, Boyd said. People in this testing protocol noticed other changes that Google had recently made–such as the design changes on the left-hand navigation bar that had rolled out several months before most were brought into the testing lab–but less than half of the outsiders noticed Google Instant during the first series of tasks.

As the summer progressed, researchers settled into a weekly pattern. They would test Google employees the first few days, and outsiders later in the week, meeting with the Google Psychic design team when testing was complete to go over the results and suggest changes. One major change that was the direct result of user feedback was the rate at which Google Instant generated new results, which was too fast for early testers of the product.

The end result was what Boyd called “the most positive professional experience of my research career,” with Google Instant rolling out in early September with few glitches or complaints.

Źródło: How Google tested Google Instant, Cnet

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