Wyrwane z kontekstu – Facebook Sharing and Caring

What types of information are being shared?
The majority of respondents reported sharing several different types of information through Facebook (see Figure 2). Most commonly, respondents shared videos (70%), photos (67%), fun/humor (66%), music (60%), hobbies (57%), news articles (57%), or general information (57%). Of those respondents, fewer (34% – 47%) reported sharing school/research information, local information, or sports. Less than a third of respondents reported sharing products, books, or recipes.

Source: http://www.surl.org/usabilitynews/132/sharing.asp

Sharing Settings
Respondents were asked about their default sharing settings and how often they customized posts when sharing links. The majority of respondents reported their default sharing settings for posting updates was set to “Friends Only” (58%). Relatively few respondents used customized settings as their default group (8%). When respondents were asked how often they do customize sharing, the majority stated they do not customize, but instead use their default sharing settings (56%). Approximately 25% of respondents customized some posts, while more frequent customization, half of their postings or greater, occurred less often (> 20%).

Source: http://www.surl.org/usabilitynews/132/sharing.asp

Źródło: Facebook Sharing and Caring, Justin W. Owens, Usabilty News, December 2011, Vol. 13 Issue 2, USA

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