Wyrwane z kontekstu – Everyday Practices with Mobile Video Telephony

For mobile video telephony, a primary driver for use was found in “special occasion”, high value emotional calls between absent spouses and to households of family members with young children. Key here was how mobility provided the flexibility for these calls to be interleaved with the ongoing activities of everyday life in terms of when and where they could be made and received. This applied to large scale mobility where people were “out and about”, as well as to smaller scale mobility (e.g. in the home) where they could move the video telephony capabilities from room to room as activities demanded. A second key driver was the need to show things to talk about. Mobility was again crucial here, creating opportunistic possibilities for showing things by virtue of being in the right place. Of equal significance for “show and talk” was the ‘micromobility’ of the phone in supporting dynamic framing of objects/scenes during talk.

Źródło: Everyday practices with mobile video telephony, Kenton O’Hara, Alison Black, Alison, Matthew Lipson, Proceeding CHI ’06 Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human Factors in computing systems, ACM New York, USA 2006

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