Wyrwane z kontekstu – Does Translation Mean You Should Omit Illustrations?

One hunch I have about Ikea’s visual technique is that they use a lot of small pictures in sequence, rather than several large diagrams (see this example).

In the Ikea model, you see about 20 smaller pictures to follow, rather than one or two large diagram-like pictures. Why? Without words, you’re forced to simplify the process you’re representing. The way you simplify an image is by breaking it into smaller images.

Perhaps the way to incorporate illustrations in documents that require translation is to chunk up the illustrations into simpler images that almost anyone can follow. You may end up with more images, but as a whole the images in sequence can help tell the same story that the single image would tell. (Note: I’m referring to illustrations, not screenshots.)

Źródło:Does Translation Mean You Should Omit Illustrations?, Tom Johnson, I’d Rather Be Writing

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