Wyrwane z kontekstu – “A Comparison of Questionnaires for Assessing Website Usability”

(…) It is interesting to note that one of the simplest questionnaires studied, SUS (with only 10 rating scales), yielded among the most reliable results across sample sizes. It is also interesting that SUS is the only questionnaire of those studied whose questions all address different aspects of the user’s reaction to the website as a whole (e.g., “I found the website unnecessarily complex”, “I felt very confident using the website”) as opposed to asking the user to assess specific features of the website (e.g., visual appearance, organization of information, etc). These results also indicate that, for the conditions of this study, sample sizes of at least 12-14 participants are needed to get reasonably reliable results.

Źródło: artykuł: A Comparison of Questionnaires for Assessing Website Usability, prezentacja w ramach konferencji  UPA2004 : A Comparison of Questionnaires for Assessing Website Usability,  Thomas S. Tullis and Jacqueline N. Stetson

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