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Linus Torvalds, osoba dość dobrze znana w informatycznych kręgach – twórca jądra Linuksa i systemu kontroli wersji git – opisał wczoraj na Google+ swoje doświadczenia z używania systemu OpenSuse. Bardzo ciekawe, jak wiele wspólnego ma to z projektowaniem zorientowanym na użytkownika, zdrowym rozsądkiem i user experience ;)

I gave OpenSUSE a try, because it worked so well at install-time on the Macbook Air, but I have to say, I’ve had enough. There is no way in hell I can honestly suggest that to anybody else any more.
I first spent weeks arguing on a bugzilla that the security policy of requiring the root password for changing the timezone and adding a new wireless network was moronic and wrong.
I think the wireless network thing finally did get fixed, but the timezone never did – it still asks for the admin password.
And today Daniela calls me from school, because she can’t add the school printer without the admin password.
Whoever moron thought that it’s “good security” to require the root password for everyday things like this is mentally diseased.
So here’s a plea: if you have anything to do with security in a distro, and think that my kids (replace “my kids” with “sales people on the road” if you think your main customers are businesses) need to have the root password to access some wireless network, or to be able to print out a paper, or to change the date-and-time settings, please just kill yourself now. The world will be a better place.
.. and now I need to find a new distro that actually works on the Macbook Air.

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