Metryka na piątek – Czas do zachwytu

There are a lot of metrics out there we can use to  how positive a user experience is. We can look at “time on site” to see how long someone uses a web site. We can look at “return visits” to see how many times someone returns to a web site. (…)

Here’s a simpler but just as interesting metric you might try to measure:

How long does it take for a new visitor/customer to be delighted using your product or service?

Here are a few things you might measure:

  • Time to positive feedback – How long until someone gives you a thumbs up?
  • Time to smile – If you interact with people face-to-face, how long does it take for someone to smile at you?
  • Time to share – If you have a sharing feature, are people using it? Or, are they sharing it with social media or word-of-mouth?
  • Time to create & save – How long until someone saves something that you let them create?

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