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“Design with intent” – Karty wspomagające proces projektowania

“Design with intent toolkit 1.0” to  zestaw 101 kart, gdzie każda karta przedstawia osobny obszar interakcji ludzi z produktami, usługami, środowiskiem i między sobą. Karty pogrupowane są w 8 kategoriach: Architectural, Errorproofing, Interaction, Ludic, Perceptual, Cognitive, Machiavellian, Security. Autor, tak opisuje cel powstania kart:

The intention is that the cards are useful at the idea generation stage of the design process, helping designers, clients and – perhaps most importantly – potential users themselves explore behaviour change concepts from a number of disciplines, and think about how they might relate to the problem at hand. Judging by the impact of earlier iterations, the cards could also be useful in stakeholder workshops, and design / technology / computer science education.

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Color Blindness Simulator

Chrometric is an excellent color application that simulates eight types of color blindness, blur (“forgotten glasses”), and reduced contrast (a.k.a my laptop screen on a sunny day). It is essentially a web browser, and allows you to check webpage address you enter into it. It’s an Adobe AIR, so it works on Mac/Linux/Win.

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