Wyrwane z kontekstu – Crafting the UX of REI’s Retail Experience

Starmer: It’s interesting because pretty recently we’ve started in working with agile methodologies and a lot of user experience people I know want to run away from agile because, historically, it’s been a developer’s way of looking at the world. But we’ve been really successful thus far at figuring out the best ways to integrate user experience with agile approaches.

We do something that I’ve heard other people call “Sprint 0″—starting the user experience work early so that we can get some stories generated and user requirements from a user perspective generated early enough that developers have plenty to work on. So we’re really moving away, in a lot of cases—for the website at least—from a waterfall approach of writing up reams of requirements in advance.

Źródło Crafting the UX of REI’s Retail Experience | UX Magazine.

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