Wyrwane z kontekstu – “Asking the First Questions”

Wspomniany w artykule Dlaczego oni nie chcą odpowiadać serwis Stack Overflow, uruchamia kolejne tematyczne strony typu Q&A.  W związku  z tym, prowadzi na swoim blogu dyskusję, co do ważności poszczególnych elementów. Konkluzja nie jest nadmiernie szokująca:

And that’s when it occurred to me: The earliest questions you ask on a Q&A site aren’t about Q&A at all.

It’s All About Design

Design doesn’t just mean the obvious issues like designing the logo, or picking colors, or coming up with a name, or writing the FAQ. The very act of asking questions, answering questions, tagging, voting… everything. It’s all about design.

That’s why early participation is really, really important. Those earliest questions on your site say a lot about the community. So, if you want to ask question just for the sake of asking questions, at least make them really good ones. Ask real, expert questions.

In short, you are going to get the site you build.

Ask your first questions with an eye on the site’s design. Those first questions will likely end up on the front page when potential experts see your site for the first time. Make those first questions exemplary questions that are worthy of imitation.

So, back to our quiz: “What is the single most important design element of a new Q&A site?” The answer is obviously, “The questions on the front page.” Any other design issues after that are a distant second.

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