Wyrwane z kontekstu – “Creatives” is the Wrong Word

Design is what it does and what it does is solve problems. Visual design is one of the powerful tools we use in solving those problems, but it is a means to an end and not an end in itself. This is just as true of interaction design, information architecture, user research and content strategy. User experience work is a sophisticated mosh that requires expertise in all of these areas (although not necessarily all from the same person).


Unlike traditional advertising creative teams, UX folks best serve the project by being involved from the very beginning. Who are the client’s most important users for the project? What are those users’ goals? Of those goals, which ones can the project actually satisfy? These are business questions that if left unanswered at the beginning will haunt a project throughout its duration. The answers to those three questions should guide and validate every stage of the project. Quality user experience professionals revisit the answers again and again, refining and revising them as they refine and revise their work throughout the project. User experience work shouldn’t be constrained to a portion of a project because the user and their goals belong at the beginning, middle and end of all efforts.

Źródło: Creatives is the Wrong Word,   UX Crank.

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